Maxine and Russ Are Getting Married

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Happy AnniversaryHappy Anniversary to Maxine and Russ! Please come sign our new guest book!

After our fourth wedding anniversary (can you believe it?!) we decided to retire the old guestbook and start a new one for the next four years.




I love the min pin pics! I have an eight-year-old that I adopted last year and am looking to get a second... do you recommend?!

Carol Clouse

Maxine, your dogs are adorable! Russ and you make such a cute couple!! I loved the Grizzly Bear pictures! Have a great year (2006) Carol


Wow, great site. My family loves the adventures too. I was searching Alaska state cabins...and happened upon your site. I am traveling to Juneau with my family this June...any must sees? Also, looking for how to bump into a bear recommendations! or favorite cabins? no hotels for us. thx Wendy


I don't know you - I was searching on "Lydia" & "Lidia" McLeod's because that's *my* daughter's name too (to prove a point to her) and your daughter's pic came up - she is so cute and of course it reminded me of when *my* Lidia McLeod was that age - almost 19 years ago :-) Best to all of you

Aaron M. Hodge

Congratulations Maxine! Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

Elaine Morris-Gentry

Maxine, this entire sight is awesome. I'm getting ideas for Bill and I when we marry on May 20, 2006. your new acquaintence, Elaine Gentry ps though I enjoyed all the comments in the guestbook, I particularly loved your Mother's comments to Russ. Thanks too for paying that beautiful tribute to the city of Charleston. I just love the southern hospitality and gentility that exudes in all photos.

Ben Thompson

Just wanted to say HI, great pics! A beautiful wife Russ :) Talk tyo you soon!

Jay & Sarah Clingman

Hi Maxine! Your C21 emailbox is refusing our email - please send us a message if you have an alternate address. We'd like to ask about Ashley. Thanks! Jay & Sarah

Hans Brandal

Great redesign of the web page

Maxine and Russ

Found your sight looking for my own. Best wishes to another Maxine and Russ. Maxine and Russ Dec. 30, 2004


found your site looking for min pin pics. your dog is so cute.

Orrin McLeod

I know we don't know each other, but we are family. Myself and my two sons, and grand's, wish you guys all the best and a happy future, the McLeod's in Kentucky....Orrin


Thank you so much for sharing! We are working on our wedding site right now.

Walton J. McLeod IV "Tad"

Great webpage, it certainly was a great day. I enjoyed seeing you in Washington DC.


Dear Maxine and Russ, I truly wish you an eternal honeymoon. Congratulations! What planet does he come from that he is willing to commit? The pics are beautiful and lively! Thanks for sharing with the world such joyous moment. Marilyn


I was just browsing the web and came upon your web-site. I really enjoyed it, especially all the wonderful pictures. I want to say congratulations to you both, may you live happily ever-after!! God Bless. My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary 10/21/2002. Sincerely, Julie Goss

Lori and Robert

We really enjoyed the festivities having to do with getting you two hitched!! We hope you live happily ever after and have many little Maxine's and Russ'. Hope to see you soon(like maybe at our wedding on March 29th).


I, also am married to a Maxine and if your Maxine is half the woman of my max, U ARE A LUCKY MAN INDEED!!!!!!!!! good luck with the future, Elton Lee BRISBANE AUSTRALIA

Kim Simmons Roberts

Russ, It was great to meet you Saturday night! You both make a wonderful couple! Walker and I go way back to Elementary School days and have gone our separate ways, but will always have a special friendship! I wish you both all of the happiness in the world! Walker, You were a beautiful bride and wedding was wonderful! I'm sorry that we didn't make the reception, but I really don't think you would have appreciated both of my wild children!! I hope that you and Russ have a wonderful life together. Looking at all of the pictures on the website, it looks like you both are truly happy and in love - keep that in your hearts. Don't lose touch!


On May 22, 1969, Maxine Walker McLeod came into the world, in her own good sweet time, I might add! From the get-go, she was her own special person. Russ, I promise you will never be bored!! LOL! My prayer for both of you is that you go through life as partners, committed to each other and the things you believe in. ENJOY! Russ, welcome to our family. After everything you two have been through lately, I believe the road ahead is paved with blessings for you. Love you both, Happy PS Russ, remember, you are really in trouble! I have never had a son-in-law before.

Mr and Mrs. William Maxwell Walker, III

Maxine: We were thrilled to receive an invitation to your wedding to Russ. I just finished writing your mother to regret. Your grandmother and grandfather were the best uncle and aunt I could have asked for growing up. I have so many fond memories of go to Tryon. While unfortunately our paths have barely crossed since I have been in Arizona for the past 21 years, we are forever linked by having Walker blood in our veins. All the best from us to you as you embark on this wonderful new period in your life. If you and Russ ever travel out west, please come visit us in Scottsdale. We hope you will be able to post some wedding photos on your website for us to enjoy. Love and best wishes always, Will & Ginger

Ted Knight

I wish I could be with you to share your joy but this message from Florida will have to do...congratulations and many years of happiness to both of you!



Rhett Newton

Walker- I love your web site. All of the picture are great. We are looking forward to the wedding.

Kathy Unger

So sweet of you two to share all the photos...we look forward to meeting you, Russ! Walker - Way to go!Love to you both!

Hans Brandal

Where did my message go?! I swear I posted it months ago. Congratulations. Maxine, may I make a recommendation not to go on outdoor trips with Russ. I hear he has a habit of getting rescued from sinking boats and forest fires. Best of luck to your wedding and I know you will enjoy the journey of marriage. Hans

lonnie long

Congratulations!! To a great couple!!

Thomas Bergin

To my best friend.....I am so happy for you. Love Bubba


Maxine, someone very special had to catch you. Congratulations to you and Russ. Now which one of you is going to tell me what REALLY goes on in that sombrero?


I do not believe it! The confirmed bachelorette is getting married! Russ, you must be one fine fella. Congrats to you both.

Cam Werntz

Congratulations, I look forward to your wedding and everyone from Walterboro on their best behavior.


Best of luck and happpiness forever.


Congratulations, All my best to the two of you! Russ, you are a very lucky man. Walker, what can I say... "finally" lol. Good luck! The world is yours... run with it!


Hello, you two. I waited to sign your guest book til I had something clever and witty to say. At the rate I'm going you'll be celebrating your 10-year anniversary! So, I'll just say what I have in my heart: you're both great and you're both special, so together you'll be special great, or is that great special? Never mind! Have a wonderful wedding and a wonderful life and I promise not to spill champagne on you at the reception. Love you much. Cynthia P.S. Are you having champagne at the reception? Or should I be worried about spilling the red wine?

Mullins McLeod, Sr.


Grandmother Miller

Russ and Maxine: Congratulations. I have really enjoyed viewing your web page...wonderful! Hope someday to visit with the two of you, but for now I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. Love you both. Grandmother Miller


I am so excited for both of you.... Maxine, you are very special and I wish you and Russ the very best. Wow! what a great web page!

John, Senior

Finally. Yes, the excitement is very apparent. Maxine, we have to talk - lots of goodies you should know about this guy(mostly all good - I think). Hope to be seeing you two in the very near future. Love you both - Dad



Lisa Truax

Maxine & Russ: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jacqueline (we work together) enjoyed your website so much that she shared it with me. I have to tell you - it's awesome! What a wonderful idea! This is great! I wish you two the best!


Maxine I am so happy for you. I am glad you finaly found the love of your life.. I wish you both many years of happiness. Russ you captured one hell of a lady. Take care of her :) Love ya g/f Mel :)


Hi Walker! Wow, I love this! You are so talented. I wanted to personally tell you and Russ congratulations--I sent congratulations through your Mother, but just in case she didn't tell you. I know you and Russ are so excited--and pressed for time! Don't let the details of wedding planning cause too much stress during this special time. Enjoy every moment. I wish the both of you much joy and many blessings! P.S. I get tickled when I think of how nervous you were the night you guys met! :)


What a beautiful way for two people to share their happiness with their friends and families. You two did a wonderful job.

Nancy Whitson

Maxine this is great! I hope you and Russ will be very happy.


WOW! Congratulations! Great news. I have checked out the website and it looks very sophisticated. The two of you look very happy together. The best of wishes to the both of you.

Sharon and Liesl

Greetings from Santorini, Greece!! I hope the wedding plans are going well!! We will drink an ouzo (or 2) at sunset in celebration of your special day.... Yia sou, Sharon and Liesl

Gar Enders

The irony here is that they REALLY bonded riding around Virginia in their real estate agents car looking for a bachelor condo for Russ.

Jacqueline Delgado

This is beautiful you guys!! What a great job! I'm so happy for both of you and wish you all the best in your upcoming marriage and future life together. I love you both! Welcome to the Miller family, Maxine! Love, Jacqueline


PS....... :0) LOL Kevin hasn't seen this yet...... He is gonna LOVE the grad pix! LOL :0) Way to go Maxine!!


This is SO GREAT!!! I am really happy for you guys. Thanks for sharing!

Cindi Brandal

I truly enjoyed exploring through your site - the words and pictures reek of young love, friendship, excitement, and beautiful things to come! Cindi


And I love you, Maxine! Mmmmm... This is working wonderfully.


I love you Russ!

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